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Play Blackjack Games Online Spin Samurai Australian Casino

Live blackjack, also known as live dealer blackjack games, is the most popular way to play real money blackjack online, with live casinos permanently changing the face of online gaming. Play online blackjack unfolding the game on your screen from Spin Samurai, and put your bets on a clickable table.

With so many online casino options for Australian players, it's difficult to find those that offer real money live blackjack from the best Aussie-friendly web gaming companies. As a result, at Spin Samurai we provide gambling advice to Australian gamers. All the sites that we recommend for live online real money blackjack are vetted by our team of internet blackjack experts. Spin Samurai assess them for security, game selection, a wide range of AUD dissipated limits, and hence the best customer service. 

Learn the rules and blackjack strategy for all blackjack games from different gaming providers. Try our online casino site to play free online blackjack demo on your favourite gaming provider. 

Play Blackjack free or real money

Enjoy casino gambling online blackjack free or with real money on Spin Samurai. Spin Samurai is an Australian online casino where you can play for fun. Enjoy any card game and enjoy big wins with online Blackjack at Spin Samurai. Our online casino card games are full of bonuses, big wins, and rewards. Become the ultimate Samurai Warrior by playing special tournaments at our site. 

Top Blackjack Variants to Play Spin Samurai Casino

If you’re tired of playing 3-hand blackjack, get your hands on our Blackjack online. Spin Samurai is an online Australian casino where you will get all kinds of betting games from the best gaming providers. Try your luck on all classic blackjack games series with live dealers and online.  

Blackjack is an unrivalled casino game compared to other online casino games. For individuals who want to try their hands at Australian casino games for the first time, blackjack is the best option.

In your search for the best gambling experience, you'll frequently end up in subpar online casinos, wasting time and money. We've compiled a list of the best classic blackjack games series for Australian gamers to play real money Blackjack in an expert evaluation. Let's get this game started!

Blackjack Strategy and Blackjack Terms 


To stand means to decide not to take any more cards. This can be done if you think you'll beat the dealer or if taking another card would put you at risk of busting.


If you don't think your hand can beat the dealer's as it stands, you can ask for another card. Keep in mind that if your new card makes your hand worth more than 21, you'll bust.


For an additional card, you can double your bet. You will not be able to hit again, but your original wager will be doubled if you win. This is usually best completed with a hand of a value of 9, 10, or 11.


Blackjack is not just the name of the game but also the proper hand to be dealt — one ace and one ten or face card, for 21.

An ace and any 10-value card make up this unique two-card hand. You'll almost always earn a higher reward for Blackjack than you would for a regular victory.

Even money

If you have Blackjack and the dealer has an ace, you have the option of requiring a one-to-one payout on your bet.

Hole card

A card that is facing down. Only the dealer has a hole card in blackjack, with one card being up and the other down.


The only visible card in the dealer's hand. This is crucial for strategy since your decision to hit or stand might be influenced by the card the dealer is holding. 


In some blackjack varieties, you'll be able to surrender your hand without making any more decisions. Although you may only receive half of your investment back, you will almost certainly avoid losing money if your hand appears to be a dud.

Blackjack Strategy

It's not only a matter of luck when it comes to winning at Blackjack. Some strategies and techniques are used to get the desired feeling of hitting a large prize in the best casino. There isn't a single strategy that assures you'll win in Blackjack; instead, you'll need to acquire a variety of tips and methods.

Spin Samurai has a list of strategies to follow If you want to win in this card game:

Knowing when to leave and defining limits and a strategy is a universal norm. One of the most well-liked suggestions is that you should avoid taking insurance bets if you don't count cards.

Always double-check your bankroll and maintain it. Choose a table that fits your bankroll needs and adjust your bet units (to raise or lower) when your bankroll changes.

If the dealer card facing up is a 4, 5, or 6, it will be higher to face if you have a poor hand. However, these are only the core strategies for winning online blackjack in Australia.

We have numerous different strategy charts available on the internet to utilize when playing Blackjack at an online casino. If you want to win at casino gambling, the most important rule is to stick to your limitations and avoid blowing your cash. With those fundamentals in mind, you'll be able to examine and validate when it's time to raise your stake and when it's time to face it.