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Neteller is one of the most popular, simple, fast, and at the same time secure payment methods within the online gambling community. With the help of this electronic payment system, you can send and receive your money whenever you need it. You can confide in Neteller, as far as it is considered the safest payment option. You can easily make deposits and withdrawals even when your debit card or credit card does not work.

What is Neteller?

So, Neteller is a payment system that was established in Canada in 1999. Over time Neteller has become a member of the Playsafe Group. It should be also mentioned that Neteller has no banking license, but it still has lots of clients. Its main activity is connected with e- transfers. It is so famous not only because of its money transfer service but also because of the fact that it lets its customers pay online. All they need to do is to pick Neteller as a payment method. It should be mentioned, that Neteller gives its customers a prepaid card and that is why its clients can pay online at various stores that accept Neteller as a payment method.

Let's Talk About the Perks of Neteller Casino

You should know that Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods among people and at the same time one of the most widely used e-money transfer services among different sites. It provides you with a great variety of payment options. One of the most important things is to create a Neteller account and then you can easily deposit your money wherever you want as well as receive them. Having a Neteller account it becomes easy to control your funds. You can effortlessly deposit your account by transferring the money from your credit/debit cards or your bank account. Neteller provides you with more than 40 payment methods that you can use.

In case you want to receive even more opportunities, you can become a member of the Neteller VIP program. Once you become a member and receive VIP status, you get additional perks that touch upon fees, withdrawal limits, and some other features.

Neteller Casino Bonus

When you start using Neteller you receive not only an easy-to-use and secure payment option, but also some attractive bonuses. Neteller's loyal customers receive a variety of awards. That is why customers choose this payment option.

People having a Neteller account can convert their bonuses to money and pay for some services and goods. We consider Neteller to be one of the best payment methods for casino players and you can become one of those millions of people, who use Neteller and enjoy its services.

Why is it Better to Use Neteller?

The amount of casino players, who use Neteller, grows each day and it is not surprising whereas the number of casinos accepting this top payment method is large.

You can enjoy playing casino games and what is really cool you should not worry about such procedures as creating a bank account or making a bank transfer. Neteller is easy-to-use, and even in case you have some troubles or questions, the support team works 7 days per week and 24 hours a day.

Use your Neteller e wallet right now to make your first deposit! All you need to do is to deposit money into your Neteller account and then you can play your favorite games in one of the best Neteller casinos.

How You Can Create a Neteller Account

With the help of a Neteller account, you can play online and pay, send and receive your money. Neteller provides you with the opportunity to make fast and secure payments whenever you need it.

You can sing up and create your account, which is free. It takes approximately one minute to register your Neteller account and you can instantly start using it. All you need for registration - write your first and last name, your e-mail address, and think of a secure password.

Verification of your account is one of the most important steps. You may ask: Why should I verify my account? It's really easy to give the answer to this question. By verifying your account you ensure its security and you receive access to higher transaction limits and multiple deposit options. Here are the steps you should complete to verify your account:

  1. At first, you should fund your account. It's really easy to do and you can use any of the available payment options;
  2. You should verify your ID. So, after the funding of your account, you should upload the photo, which contains the identification document; While verifying your ID you should also attach your selfie;
  3. You can use your Facebook account to verify some of your personal information.
  4. After uploading the photo of your verification documents and the picture of you, all the files which you attached will be reviewed and then you will receive the message that the operation was successful in case everything is okay. Then you can get back to the remaining verification steps;
  5. You should verify your address. So, if you have completed the Facebook verification, this step can be automatically completed. In case you decided not to use your Facebook account there are several options to verify your address: You can share your location in the browser settings. This sometimes happens when a person can not verify the address via geolocation sharing. It mostly depends on the country you live in. Sometimes a person is required to upload an address verification document.

You can find out about the verification of each step at the Summary page. When the process of verification will be completed you will receive a message on your e-mail address.

We think that one of the good options is the fact that Neteller has an official mobile app, so you can easily complete the verification process via your mobile phone.

Neteller Mobile Application

In our fast-moving world, we can not imagine even a single day without our mobile phone that is why the mobile application is of great importance. You can download it either from Apple App Store or from Google Play Store. One of the advantages of a mobile app is the fact that you can have the access to your money not only from home but also from other places you visit. Unfortunately, you can not complete the first stage of your verification with the help of a mobile app, but you can pass the second step authentication.

Neteller Technical Problems

Let's start with the fact that you can use any of the browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and others to get access to your Neteller account. Of course, nothing can be perfect and you may face some technical difficulties. But, don't worry, everything can be fixed.

The problems may occur when you try to log in, make a deposit, or upload your documents in order to verify your account. But there are a lot of simple ways to fix these issues, for example:

  • You can go for the incognito mode in your browser, and in case the problem is not solved you can clear cache, cookies, and history - this is one of the solutions for the problem;
  • You can also turn pop-ups on your browser ( pop-ups are one of the forms of online advertising). They look like a small window and they can suddenly appear on your screen. So, how can you switch them off - you should open the settings of your browser, choose site settings, then the field which is called pop-ups and redirects and there you can turn them off;
  • You can also try to log in or make a deposit from another browser or from another device;
  • The problems also may occur in case you use some kind of external software, for example, a VPN. In such a situation you should turn the VPN off. Please, bear in mind that some browsers have an integrated VPN as for example Opera browser. In case you use the browser with a VPN - just choose another one.
  • It often happens when you can not perform some actions because of the pure internet connection. That is why you should make sure that your internet connection is stable. If you discover that your internet does not work you can reload your modem by unplugging its cable and then plugging it again. In case when after this procedure your internet still does not work you can call your internet provider and say which problems you face.

We can not deny the fact that problems can be connected to our site. If you check and understand that your internet connection is stable, the problem lies not in your browser and VPN is turned off - then please turn to our support center and we will help to solve your problem as quickly as we can.

Neteller Casino Gives Lucrative Opportunities!

You may ask what are the perks of Neteller casino and we will answer that there are a lot of advantages in using a Neteller as a payment method:

  • Your Neteller account is well protected:
  • You can fund your account in a variety of ways;
  • Neteller provides you with the opportunity to transfer large amounts of money;
  • Neteller is highly popular among the top online casinos;
  • It is one of the most frequently used payment methods in online gambling;
  • Having a Neteller account you can play for real money;
  • It is really easy to make your first deposit using Neteller.

Of course, here are mentioned not all the pros of the casino with Neteller but sentences which are written above prove that Neteller as a payment method is one of the most reliable and secure while conducting various transactions online.

Let's Talk about Neteller Casinos Vip Programm

We are really happy that we can provide you with all the possible functions. But just imagine, you can get even more! You can choose the VIP account and enjoy its benefits. So, what are the reasons for you to choose the VIP program?

First of all, you can save your money on a foreign transaction fee and then it won't be a problem for you to travel abroad, you simply won't need to search for the place in order to exchange your currency.

Secondly, we have a special Vip chat for our clients to help them instantly.

Thirdly, you will get discounts in terms of deposit and withdrawal fees. You will also receive higher limits on all your transactions.

In terms of payouts with a VIP account, you won't need to wait 3-5 days to receive your money, because withdrawals are processed on the next day. You may ask what are the withdrawal limits - If you have a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond account, you can withdraw up to 3,300 $ a day and in case you belong to Bronze or Silver Vips you can withdraw up to 1,000 $ a day.

You can also send your money wherever you want, in each country of the world for free. With the VIP program, you receive even more rewards.

Find out More about Neteller Casino Deposits

With the Neteller casino, you can make your money transfers instantly. Neteller as a payment method is one of the best in terms of depositing your account.

You can deposit your player account using either credit or debit card. In your Neteller Account, you can check your card deposit option. You should choose the section, which is called Money In, here will appear a list of cards you can use, you pick on the one you want to use, enter the amount of money, which you want to deposit and all the necessary data concerning your credit/debit card. On your screen will appear the summary of the transaction and all you need to do is to click on the button which is called Continue. Your transaction will be completed.

One of the coolest things in Neteller is the fact that you can store up to 5 cards in your account. You may also want to know how long a credit/debit card deposit takes. So, the deposit money will immediately appear in your Neteller account.

Discover the Procedure of Neteller Casino Withdrawals

You should know that the minimum withdrawal sum is 20€ or its equivalent. Talking about maximal withdrawal sum we can say that it depends on the payment method you use. You should also be aware of the fact that before processing payouts we check your identity. All Bank Transfer payouts are processed within five to seven (5-7) banking days.

The maximum withdrawal amount processed to a player is 7,500 €/$ per week and 15,000 €/$ per month unless otherwise specified in the Terms & Conditions of a specific promotion. 

If you win more than €15,000, the Casino reserves the right to divide the payout into monthly installments of a maximum of €15,000 until the full amount is paid out.

What are the Processing Times at Neteller Casino

Before playing our Spin Samurai games you should read the Terms and conditions of our site to be aware of withdrawals, processing times, and payout times. All Bank Transfer payouts are processed within five to seven (5-7) banking days. But, in case you are a VIP member of Neteller, you will be able to withdraw your money on the next day.

Discover more About Alternative to Neteller Payment Methods

Of course, we can not deny the fact that there are a lot of other payment options. And it's really important for us to provide you with the most detailed information about them. We want you to find the ideal payment option which will suit all your needs. We are among casinos with Neteller, but we also maintain other payment options and that is why we have prepared for you the list of best Neteller Alternatives. Here you can read the short overview and determine your favorite payment option:

  1. Skrill. This payment system offers you instant, safe, and fast payment solutions. Skrill supports over 40 currencies and you can easily deposit your account using a credit/debit card, your bank account, e wallet, or the alternative payment method. You can make payments, send and receive your money, make international transfers, manage your money, and even earn rewards. All you need to perform this procedure - is your e-mail and a password. As soon as you register your account at Skrill a process of verification starts. It helps you to secure your Skrill account, to increase your transaction limits, and many other things.
  2. iDebit also belongs to one of the most secure payment systems. You create your iDebit account and it enables you to make payments directly from your online banking account. If you don't want to use your credit or debit card it is not a problem - with iDebit you can pay for your purchases from your online bank account directly. One of the most striking features of iDebit is the fact that it is simple and clear for everyone, it is also really fast what allows you to make your transactions as quickly as possible. Here you won't find hidden fees and you can transfer money in many cases for free.
  3. Ecopayz is an international electronic payment system. It is a safe and secure payment service with the help of which you can make payments worldwide and don't worry about such things as privacy and security. You should register your account which is free, set a security question, and give your answer to this question. The only way you can reset your password is with the help of this question. Here you should also verify your account to be even more protected.
  4. With Rapid Transfer, you can perform instant bank transfer payments. Rapid Transfer also belongs to Playsafe Group and allows you to deposit and withdraw your money instantly. At the same time, it is also one of the most secure payment methods and all your transactions are protected. You need your online bank credentials to make your deposit with the help of Rapid Transfer.

We Accept Neteller at our Spin Samurai casino

It is really important for our online casino to provide you with the top banking option such as Neteller. It doesn't matter whether you make your first deposit or withdrawal, we as a casino with Neteller offer you the best methods to make this process effortless. Neteller debit and credit card offer you convenience because you can pay not only on desktop but also with the help of your mobile phone, all you need is just to download the app.

At Spin Samurai online casino you can play live casino, enjoy a variety of interesting games, get a lot of free spins and of course, you receive a generous welcome bonus! But don't forget to play responsibly and find out more about withdrawal limits in our terms and conditions.

Play for Real Money Using Neteller

We have a great variety of games you can play in order to receive real money. It is really important for us to make your online gambling not only interesting but also lucrative. All you need to do is to make your first deposit using Neteller and start enjoying the fascinating games, which we've prepared for you. Each time you play for real money you increase your chances to get a big win! The more you deposit - the more you win, don't forget about that.

The Top Neteller Credit Card Casino

Spin Samurai is one of the casinos accepting Neteller because we do everything we can in order to provide you with all top payment methods. Do you want to deposit using your credit card? It's no trouble since we accept your Neteller credit card as one of our payment methods.

You can also use your e wallet in case this option is better for you.

Spin Samurai - The Best Neteller Debit Card Casino

Stay accountable for your spending and be sure that you are protected with the Neteller debit card! Debit cards are widely accepted and easy to obtain that is why we think that it can be also advantageous for you to use them! It doesn't matter whether you are eager to make your first deposit, or you're already a loyal player at our Spin Samurai online casino - you can effortlessly deposit using Neteller debit card.

Enjoy Your Favourite Online Slots With Neteller

Come into the World of the top, fascinating, and unforgettable online slots with the help of Neteller! Online gambling is one of the most popular options nowadays. You don't need to leave your home, you can seat in your comfortable bed wearing your favorite jeans and a T-shirt and enjoy the best online slots.

At Spin Samurai website are available lots of games with marvelous graphics, those having a lot of details, enthralling plots, and wonderful sounds. At our live casino, you will plunge in the atmosphere of a real casino with a live dealer and excellent service. And, of course, don't forget about the fact that we accept Neteller as a payment option.

Your Most Beloved Payment Option

Your choice is important for us whether you want to use Mastercard or to use Neteller - everything is up to you. You can choose the option which suits your needs and desires. But, we can not deny the fact that most of our loyal players prefer Neteller as payment option. And we understand why - it is convenient, you can easily register your bank account it offers you Neteller chat live - where you can always find answers to your questions.

Be Lucky With Spin Samurai Welcome Bonus

New players may be concerned with the question: what is a welcome bonus? And we are ready to answer! A welcome bonus is our desire to make the best for you! It includes a deposit bonus and of course free spins! But, don't forget about the importance of wagering requirements, which you can find in terms and conditions. Here, you can also find how to withdraw your money. Remember that you should play responsibly.

We consider that our welcome bonus won't leave you indifferent, as far as our main purpose is to make you enjoy your online gambling.

Get your Casino Bonus Using Neteller

Online casino bonuses offer you to increase your deposit with extra money what can make your games even more attractive and your gambling even more interesting. We offer you a great variety of bonuses, starting from the welcome bonus, bonuses which you gain when you play our casino games for real money, deposit bonus, and of course free spins!

You can find more about our casino bonus and how you can withdraw it in our terms and conditions. You should be attentive to the wagering requirements our Spin Samurai online casino has.

Enjoy Neteller Casino Free Spins

What can be more attractive than free spins?! You don't need to make your first deposit you can start playing at once.

Free spins give you an excellent opportunity to earn even more. You can play online games and slots and win real money without wasting your own because it is free! When you register at Spin Samurai you can get over 100 free spins, which will make your gaming even more interesting. You can activate your free spins and play either on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We work each day to make your gambling online more convenient.

Spin Samurai is Best Online Neteller Casino

Our Spin Samurai online casino is one of the top casinos in the World. It isn't surprising that players choose us because we do our best in order to improve your playing conditions!

We constantly release our new games and keep in touch with the best game providers in the World. We try to keep pace with the change and use all cutting-edge technologies and redevelop many beloved classic slots, so you can enjoy them as well. Now we have more than 3000 games from 45 best provides. You can make your first deposit and discover all the bonuses such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins you can get. Play for real money and find plenty of opportunities you have. And don't forget that we are accepting Neteller and you can easily withdraw your winnings with the help of this top payment provider.

Make Your First Deposit Using Neteller

Are you a new player? Don't worry, it is not difficult to make your first deposit because you can use the Neteller payment option. As it was already mentioned Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods. After you make your first deposit you will join the world of fascinating games where you can play for real money.

At first, you should register - enter your email address and password, and of course don't forget about a nickname, which will bring you luck. After registration, you can start playing even without money on your deposit because we propose you a great bonus - more than 2000$ and 100 free spins!

Use Neteller to Deposit At Spin Samurai Online Casino

Neteller provides you with great opportunities for deposit and withdrawal. Follow this simple instruction, which will help you to deposit into your account:

  • Create your account at Spin Samurai online casino;
  • Click on the menu on the top of the screen;
  • Choose the field "Settings" and click here on the line which is called "Banking";
  • When you appear on the banking page you can click the button which is called "Deposit";
  • You can choose any provider you wish.

A great advantage of the depositing using Neteller lies in the fact that you can deposit on your account instantly.

Be Aware Of Casino Neteller Terms and Conditions

Before you start your journey in the world of games, you should find out Spin Samurai's terms and conditions. Because when you register your account you confirm that you agree with them. In terms and conditions are also mentioned accepted currencies, fees and taxes, the refund policy, and game rules, which are really important for players. Here you can also discover how to deal with your player account, how to deposit or withdraw your money. You should also be aware of the wagering requirements as far as they vary from site to site.

Enjoy Live Casino with Your Neteller Account

At our Spin Samurai online casino, you can enjoy the availability of the Live casino games. Here you can play BlackJack - game, where the result of the game depends not only on your luck but this game demands your skills and creative thinking.

You may be concerned with the question - how does live casino work and we are happy to answer!

Let's start with the fact that it is a relatively new form of gambling among online casinos. It was created for you, so you can feel the atmosphere of the real casino. But to be a player at this casino you do not need to leave your home because you can play it online! Live casinos are becoming extremely popular because of the fact that they offer you a better payback percentage than other types of casino games. Playing a live casino is a really exciting process because here the games are run in real-time by a live dealer.

We also have different kinds of roulette, for example, Classic Roulette, American Roulette, and many others. While playing at Neteller online casino you can enjoy the atmosphere, which is like in a real casino. Here you can play for fun and receive real money at the same time. Just make your first deposit and enjoy the availability of games we have prepared for you!

There are Plenty of Casino Sites Using Neteller

Neteller is one of the most popular, widely used, and accepted payment methods. All the top casinos offer you to choose Neteller because it is easy-to-use and you can always receive support in case something goes wrong. Spin Samurai online casino is one of those casinos accepting Neteller. When you make your first deposit you can enjoy the breathtaking games, which we've prepared for you.

Don't forget that our online casino also has a generous welcome bonus which includes a deposit bonus and free spins. Just imagine, you register your player account and can play our best games even without depositing! You can find more information about our rules in terms and conditions, read them before you start playing and play responsibly.

Game Providers at Neteller Online Casino

We are among those online casinos, which try to do all the best for our players. We carefully select the payment providers, games we add to our site, and of course the game providers. We choose only the world's largest online gaming software providers. Here is the list of some of them:

Playtech is one of the best game providers in the gaming industry. It has produced more than 600 casino games that are currently available at the top online casinos. This company constantly develops - it adopts new technologies and increases the number of its highly professional workers in order to be among the top. Most of the Playtech games have a great welcome bonus - so choose your favorite game and enjoy its bonuses.

NetEnt provides the world's famous online casinos with premium gaming solutions. NetEnt has launched 200 thrilling games that are designed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. If you still do not know how to entertain yourself - just visit our Spin Samurai online casino, choose NetEnt as a game provider, and enjoy your time!

Have you ever heard about Quickspin? We are sure that yes. It is a Swedish game development studio that has created more than 67 interesting and thrilling games with unbelievable graphics. You can play their games not only on your computer because their slots are available on your mobile as well.

Play'n Go is also one of the leading game providers in the industry as far as their games are of the highest quality. They use cutting-edge technologies to provide the best award-winning games with thrilling plots. Play'no releases new games and fantastic slots each month.

Be Lucky with The Variety Of Games Spin Samurai Has

As it was already mentioned at our Spin Samurai online casino you can be entertained with a great variety of games which you can find in such categories as Live Casino, BlackJack, Megaways, Table Games, and many others. We constantly add all new casino games because we want you to enjoy your online gambling. We keep in touch with the best game providers in the online gambling industry.

Our Neteller casino belongs to one of the top casinos where you can play for your entertainment and receive max bonus. You should not worry about your privacy or security, because we will take care of that. Just be aware of Spin Samurai terms and conditions, play responsibly, and enjoy the bonuses we propose.

Neteller Casino has 24/7 Player’s Support

We know how it is important for each player to receive support instantly. We work hard so you can have the answers to your questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So, you can play and enjoy your beloved games and we will wait for your questions in case they occur.

Casino Neteller is Licenced Online Casino

Spin Samurai online casino is licensed and regulated by the CURACAO Gaming Authority (8048/JAZ2020-013) so our players enjoy the highest possible standards, consistent payout ratios, and most advanced security features. 

We proud to be one of the best online casinos and that is why we try to keep pace with the change, we always add new games, which are produced with the help of cutting-age-technologies and we have a wide range of payment methods. We try to suit all your needs.

Enjoy your Deposit Bonus at Neteller Casino

At Spin Samurai casino we propose you plenty of bonuses. You receive your first ones just right after you register your account. We propose you a generous casino bonus which includes more than 100 free spins and a lavish deposit bonus. The more you play - the more bonuses you receive.

In the process of playing you receive points - the more points you have the higher level you get. When you take new levels you receive more bonuses which include deposit bonuses and of course free spins.

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