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Every weekend, sit back and enjoy a Japanese feast.

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What goes into the feast?



The 4 Most Popular Types of Gambling in Japan

Typically, Japan is associated with delicious local food, unique pop culture, and advanced technology for tourists, but few know that the Japanese love various forms of gambling. In this article, we will talk about the four most popular types of gambling in Japan.


You may have seen this device in Japanese films and anime. The game is similar to pinball—you try to get as many balls as possible into holes, but the difference is that these balls can later be exchanged for prizes or even money. However, most people go to Pachinko not to get rich but to relieve stress and take a break from work or study.

Keiba (Horse Racing) 

Horse racing is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the country. Most Keiba events are regulated by the JRA (Japan Racing Association), a government-regulated organization. Japan has 10 JRA-managed tracks where races are held every weekend. Anyone can come to place a bet and watch the race live. Additionally, cities have independent betting centers where races are broadcast on screens.


  • Keirin (Bicycle Racing) Keirin, although smaller in scale compared to Keiba, has a dedicated fan base. The first Keirin competitions began shortly after World War II in Kitakyushu. The betting principle in these races is similar to horse racing. Keirin adds a gambling aspect, but it also has a sporting side: Japan has over 2,000 registered cyclists who are professional athletes vying for the Olympics.
  • Auto Racing Auto racing is similar in many aspects to Keirin, with the main difference being that the races are conducted on motorcycles instead of bicycles.
  • Kyotei (Boat Racing) Boat racing was invented in the USA and has been held since 1952. Initially, it aimed to popularize the shipbuilding industry but gradually became part of the gambling scene. In Kyotei, athletes race on jet skis on oval boat tracks 600 meters long. Typically, such a race lasts about 2 minutes, during which participants complete three or more laps.

Takarakuji (Lottery) 

Perhaps the simplest form of gambling on this list is Takarakuji, which includes various lotteries. The simplest type is scratch cards, which can vary in appearance but work on the same principle as in other countries—the player scratches off an opaque layer hoping to see a winning message underneath. Number lotteries are also very popular, where you need to choose several numbers in advance and win by matching the required numbers on the lottery ticket. Finally, the most popular lottery is Jumbo Takarakuji, held several times a year and often associated with holidays (New Year, Halloween, etc.). 

Terms and Conditions

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Spin Samurai - Spinsamurai casino


Spin Samurai - Spinsamurai casino


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