Idebit casino

Idebit of one of the most secure payment methods, which most of the casino players use. In our fast-changing world, there is no need to go to a bank to make your purchases. With access to the internet, you can enjoy your online banking. With the help of iDebit, you can perform your transactions and send payments directly from your bank account. You should register your account or you can log in as a guest and then authorize in the system of online banking. So you should enter your name and a password to complete a transaction. All your personal data are well-protected and only your bank has the access to them. The company you deposit to, won't discover your personal data.

Only people, who are 18 years old and have a bank account in one of Idebit partner banks can make use of Idebit.

What to Do if You Don't Have Online Banking?

In case you don't have the access to online banking you can turn to your bank and request this access. Remember, that you can use Idebit without registration as far as you can log in as a guest. If you want - you can effortlessly register your Idebit account. The procedure of registration is really simple, just like in other online payment methods. You should enter your e-mail, full name, write the date of birth, and pick the bank where you have your bank account. Then you are to login to your online banking and that is all - you can start your purchases on the web.

Actually, the sign-up process is quite simple, and what is of great importance - free.

One of the main advantages of having an iDebit account - is that you can have a detailed history of your transactions. And you can also find out about the limits which are put on your transactions.

If you move to another city, for example, it is not a problem as well. You can change your personal data in your Idebit account. You can easily change your e-mail address, password, and notification settings, you should just log into your Idebit account and push the button, which is called "Edit" near the field, which you want to change.

You can also change your place of residence and banking data, to do this you should turn to the security team and they will ask you to provide either a driving license, passport, or another document, which has your photo and can prove your identity. You may be also asked to provide the document which proves your place of residence.

In case you want to close your iDebit account it is not a problem, just turn to the security team.

FAQs About iDebit Casino

Can I choose a bank account, from which will be performed transactions?

Yes, of course, you have such an opportunity. But bear in mind that it should be exclusively your personal account, you can't use the account of other people.

Can I pay for my transaction using two different banks?

Actually no, you can't use different bank accounts to perform one transaction. Each transaction should be performed exclusively from one bank account.

Can I pay in online shops using iDebit?

Yes, if you have enough money on your iDebit account( in the currency the product which you want to buy is) to pay for the products you choose on this or that site - then you can use iDebit. But, the transaction won't be completed in case you don't have enough sum of money in your iDebit profile.

How can I cancel my transaction?

You can't cancel the transaction, which was performed with the help of iDebit, but you can turn to the merchant in order to receive compensation.

What to do in case if the merchant didn't send the goods I've ordered?

Unfortunately, we can not help you to solve this issue and you can just turn to the merchant.

But, if you think that your money is withdrawn by mistake - you can turn to the security team.

How can register my bank account in a system?

In order to register your banking account, you should log in iDebit and go to the section "Register banking account". Then you will be asked to enter your data and that is all.

Let's Talk about the Advantages of Using iDebit

iDebit as a payment method is becoming extremely popular. You can deposit to your casino account or withdraw your funds using this payment method. So, what are the advantages of using iDebit?

  • You don't need to use your credit card to perform your transactions as far as iDebit connects customers directly to their bank accounts;
  • All the transactions are instantly confirmed;
  • All your transactions including deposits and withdrawals are secure and well-protected. Casino won't see any of your personal details.
  • There are several layers of security - the first is with the help of iDebit encryption features and the second includes the bank security features;
  • Only your bank can see your personal data, they are securely protected from third parties.

What are the Disadvantages of iDebit as a Payment Method?

All online payment methods have certain cons, it is inevitable. And we think that our players should be aware of all of them.

  • Nowadays iDebit is available in 30 countries only and in comparison with other payment methods it is an extremely small amount;
  • The iDebit service is not free. Of course, there are no fees when you deposit your iDebit account, but you will be asked to pay a fee when you will withdraw your money.

To conclude, we can say that iDebit is a good alternative to other payment methods. There are slight concerns from its customers in terms of fees, but still, it can perform all the necessary functions like deposit or withdrawal.

Make your First Deposit with iDebit Online Casino

Once you've decided to join the world of online gambling, which is full of interesting casino games and bonuses like a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and free spins - you should deposit to your player account. You can use iDebit as a payment method. Sign up at our Spin Samurai online casino and go to the section which is called Banking. Here you will see the list of all the available deposit methods. You choose one, which you the most and once you click on it, the page, where you can make a deposit opens. You can choose the amount you want to deposit among already existing or enter the amount you want to deposit, but you should remember that the minimum deposit consists of 10 € and a maximum deposit is 4,000 €. Then, you are to choose the currency and add your phone number. On this exact page, you will see a welcome bonus, which we propose to you and you can either receive this bonus or not.

How can You Withdraw your Winnings at Our iDebit Casino?

Our Spin Samurai online casino is one of those which accept iDebit as one of the payment methods. At our site, you can play for real money and concomitantly win this real money.

We propose you a wide range of deposit methods and one of them is iDebit. So, how can you withdraw your money with the help of iDebit? Please, bear in mind that withdrawals are available only for Canadian citizens.

Withdrawal at our iDebit casino is instant, but it usually takes from 2 to 3 days for the money to be transferred to your banking account.

The process of withdrawal is the following:

  • You log in to your iDebit profile and select the section, which is called "Withdraw funds". But, bear in mind, that it is your first withdrawal you will be asked to provide some additional information.
  • Then you enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm your transaction.

Enjoy Your Online Gambling with iDebit

Despite the fact, that online gambling is quite new in the sphere of gaming it already has a lot of fans. And it isn't surprising that it is becoming extremely popular. You should not go somewhere to entertain oneself, it takes several minutes to switch on your computer or phone and start enjoying it. Furthermore, you can not only entertain yourself but also win real money for it. There are a lot of lucrative options, which Spin Samurai casino has prepared for you especially. They include a lavish welcome bonus, lots of free spins and deposit bonuses, and of course match- ups.

At our online casino, you can enjoy the properly selected casino games, which we receive from the best gaming software providers in the world. Register your casino account and enjoy your online gambling.

Our online casino had a dozen of different games and in case you worry that it is impossible to feel the atmosphere of the real casino - it is not a problem. At our online casino, we have the category Live Casino, where you can play with a real dealer. Our games have wonderful graphics and sound effects, which help you to feel that you are like inside the game! It is really cool, as far as it helps you to relax after a hard-working day. At our Spin Samurai, we have more than 3000 games, which include various slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, lots of Roulette versions, table games, video poker, and many, many others! Each month and even each week we add new games that is why you will never get bored with our Idebit casino. You can deposit to your casino account with the help of your e wallet, which is easy to use. You can deposit using iDebit as well as other payment options, which are available at our Spin Samurai online casino.

Play at the Licensed Online Casino

You can play and don't worry about your online gambling and whether you will receive your winnings or not. Our Spin Samurai is a licensed online casino. We have a Curacao gaming license. What are the benefits of playing in a casino that has a license:

  • In case there occur some problems regarding your payments you will always receive help and support;
  • You can be sure that you play for real money;
  • Your rights are reserved;
  • You play casino games, which are produced by reliable gaming providers and that is why you surely have a lot of chances for winning.

Actually, there are even more reasons to play in our online casino, but our license is of great importance. Our online casino is under the control of one of the most popular licensing authorities. The gambling jurisdiction of Curacao is one of the oldest in our World and in order to receive this gaming license a casino should meet the strict regulatory criteria.

We Cooperate Only with the Top Game Providers

Your gambling at our Spin Samurai casino is full of fun and entertainment because we have only top casino games.

What are actually casino software providers? They are companies, that create various casino games. Of course, there are a lot of game providers, but we choose only the best for our online casino! What are the main criteria for us while choosing this or that game provider:

  • We hold safety for one of the most important. It's principal for us that our games are always updated.
  • We cooperate only with licensed game providers.
  • We choose only those game providers whose games are verified because we want to be sure that our games are safe and fair for our casino players.
  • The reputation of the company also plays a great role for us.

We choose only games with innovative features, we don't want our players to gamble in similar, undistinguished slots. Good quality of sound and graphics are also the characteristic of our casino games. Why our players have chosen us? Because of our exciting and entertaining games with wonderful plots and interesting characters.

Let's talk a little bit about our best game providers and why we have chosen them.

The company Playtech was established more than 20 years ago and now it is considered to be one of the best because of its new and trendy gaming options. Playtech is one of the biggest providers of casino games, poker, bingo, live casino games, and even more. Playtech develops even mobile versions of your favorite games.

Microgaming is considered to be one of the oldest game software providers, this company has been operating for more than 25 years. This company has produced more than 850 games. Most of our players choose exactly this game provider. While playing the games produced by this provider you can receive lucrative bonuses.

We think that there is no one who has never heard of NetEnt. Netent is considered to be one of the best casino games developers in the world. It is no wonder that this game provider is on the list of 5 top for online casinos. Despite the fact that nowadays the gambling market is one of the most competitive, Netent does its best to provide its players with the greatest and new products. It perfectly understands the meaning of the word "innovation" and uses only the cutting-edge technologies to create its games.

Evolution Gaming is famous for its availability of live dealer games. This game provider is also not new in the world of gambling and it is constantly improving to meet all your requirements. With Evolution gaming, users can enjoy the best games with live dealers, just make your first deposit and enjoy!

Pragmatic Play is a relatively new game provider but is already has a lot of loyal players. This game provider has a lot of talented workers, who develop their games only after researches. Their main aim is to indulge their players and provide them exactly with such games in which they wish to play.

Quickspin is one of the best providers of quality gaming software. Despite the fact that this company does not produce card and table games it has gained numerous awards.

Enjoy Your Free Spins at Spin Samurai Casino

There are different kinds of bonuses at our online casino. We work each day to propose only the best bonuses. You can play not only for real money but for free. Our free spins give you even more opportunities to try different slots at our casino and win even more money. But, it is really important to discover more about our site terms and conditions. Let's talk more about the bonuses, which we offer.

So, once you have created a casino account, you can make the first deposit using one of our payment methods( you can go to the page Banking, and here is a list of all payment providers). So, after making the first deposit you get your first bonuses - free spins and a deposit bonus. But, bear in mind that you can reject these bonuses in case you don't want to receive them.

Gaming at our online casino is really exciting because of the fact that with each game you play, you receive points, and the more points you collect playing different games - the higher level you have. We have a lot of VIP levels, where you can receive even more - plenty of free spins and deposit bonuses and of course, match-ups. Bonuses make your gambling more exciting.

We are Here to Help You at Our Idebit Casino

We understand the importance of a support team at our Spin Samurai casino. We value each of our players and we are ready to help them 24/7. Of course, we try to provide our players with good navigation and easy-to-use interface. We have players around the world and understand that they can play at all hours of the day.

In case you forget your user name or a password, it is not a problem - you can easily get access to your account with the help of our support team.

We also propose a great opportunity - you can create a demo account and try your chances before playing for real money. Isn't it attractive?

It is really important for us to know your concerns. You should not just leave our site in case some problems occur. We work with the thought about our players and their concerns. That is why in case some problems occur - please contact our support team.

Play for Real Money at Our Spin Samurai Casino

So, once you have deposited to your casino account either with the help of your credit card or e wallet, you can start playing for real money. We propose you a great variety of games you can play: various slots from different game software providers, various kinds of Roulettes and Blackjack, table games, video poker, and so on. Everyone can find something for him.

When playing slots for real money you don't need any skills absolutely. You just choose the games, which appeal to you the most, and at our Spin Samurai, there is a great variety of slots.

Players can win quite a lot of real money playing video poker. We also have many kinds of Roulette - European, American, and French, where players have a lot of chances for winning.

A lot of our players consider a live casino to be the category, which contains the most profitable games. Here you can play with a live dealer, which makes your gaming even more exciting.

Play the Best Table Games at Our Spin Samurai Online Casino

Online Table Games has always been extremely popular. Here, players can show all their creativity and use their brains and strategies. So, which games are located in our category live casino?

Here, you can play different kinds of roulettes, for instance, American Roulette. It takes several minutes to learn how to play this game, but then it will bring you a lot of excitement. At our Spin Samurai casino, there are different kinds of roulettes - everyone will find something for him.

In the category Blackjack, there are also located the games, which are easy-to-play. We have a lot of the variants of these games as well. The main aim of the players in Blackjack is to defeat the live dealer.

Do you want to feel yourself like a real James Bond? If your answer is yes - all the games from our category, which are called Baccarat are exactly for you. There are simple rules and a lot of opportunities to win real money. Just two cards, a live dealer and you, interesting? We think, that yes.

Our table games are safe and fair, each player has a lot of chances for winning.

All you need is to make a first deposit and start enjoying the exciting world of online gambling.

Make a Right Choice - Play at our iDebit Casino

We just want to remind you that we are an iDebit casino, where you can deposit using this payment option. You don't need to register your iDebit account to perform your transactions. iDebit is mostly used in Canada, but some other countries are also allowed to use this payment option and you can find a list of allowed countries, as well as fees, withdrawal methods, and so on at iDebit official website.

iDebit is considered to be a fast and secure payment method that provides our players with a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is a fast and secure way to perform deposits as well as withdrawals. Secondly, you can be sure that your personal data is protected.

We will Be Really Happy to See You at Our Spin Samurai

We will be really happy to see YOU at our online casino. We have prepared a lot of lucrative opportunities, which are already waiting for you! Make your first deposit, choose your own pass, and discover all the bonuses, which you can gain.

Online gambling is even more interesting when you play not only for real money, but when you can play for free with a deposit bonus and free spins.

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