Welcome on warrior path!

We welcome you on this warrior path!
You have a unique opportunity to train your strength and master the ancient art of combat.
At the beginning we give you a wooden sword to start (do not cut yourself, apprentice). Then you will try out different weapons to see what fighting style suits you best.
And, having proved your worthiness, you will choose your path: samurai or ninja. Both are legendary, so choose wisely! Your way of life will depend on that!
Noble warrior or dark assassin? Who would you choose to become?

Noble warrior or
dark assassin?

More cashback
More Much Ups
Pull to choose
Wooden sword
0-499 Points
Beginner level, assigned as soon as you start playing for real money.
500-999 Points
100 free spins for Bamboo Rush slot (BSG).
1000-1999 Points
20 EUR + 50 free spins for Dragon & Phoenix slot (BSG).
2000-3999 Points
50 EUR + 20 free spins for Dragon Kings slot (BSG).