Blackjack 2
Blackjack 2Lucky Streak
Roulette 1
Roulette 1Lucky Streak
Blackjack 3
Blackjack 3Lucky Streak
Blackjack 6
Blackjack 6Lucky Streak
Blackjack VIP
Blackjack VIPLucky Streak
Portomaso Oracle Roulette 1
Portomaso Oracle Roulette 1Lucky Streak
Portomaso Oracle Roulette 2
Portomaso Oracle Roulette 2Lucky Streak
BaccaratLucky Streak
AutoRoulette 1
AutoRoulette 1Lucky Streak
Oracle 360
Oracle 360Lucky Streak
Baccarat 4
Baccarat 4Lucky Streak
Japanese Roulette
Japanese RouletteEvolution
Blackjack Classic 70
Blackjack Classic 70Evolution
Blackjack Classic 71
Blackjack Classic 71Evolution
Blackjack Classic 72
Blackjack Classic 72Evolution
Blackjack Classic 62
Blackjack Classic 62Evolution
Blackjack Classic 63
Blackjack Classic 63Evolution
Blackjack Classic 64
Blackjack Classic 64Evolution
Speed Blackjack A
Speed Blackjack AEvolution
Blackjack Classic 65
Blackjack Classic 65Evolution
Speed Blackjack B
Speed Blackjack BEvolution
Blackjack Classic 66
Blackjack Classic 66Evolution
Blackjack Classic 67
Blackjack Classic 67Evolution
Speed Blackjack D
Speed Blackjack DEvolution
Blackjack Classic 68
Blackjack Classic 68Evolution
Blackjack Classic 69
Blackjack Classic 69Evolution
Speed Baccarat H
Speed Baccarat HEvolution
Speed Baccarat I
Speed Baccarat IEvolution
Blackjack VIP Q
Blackjack VIP QEvolution
Blackjack VIP S
Blackjack VIP SEvolution
Blackjack VIP T
Blackjack VIP TEvolution
Lightning Baccarat
Lightning BaccaratEvolution
Deal or No Deal
Deal or No DealEvolution
Blackjack VIP Z
Blackjack VIP ZEvolution
Salon Privé Blackjack 3
Salon Privé Blackjack 3Evolution
Party BJ
Party BJEvolution
Salon Prive Baccarat
Salon Prive BaccaratEvolution
Fortune VIP
Fortune VIPEvolution
Blackjack Classic 5
Blackjack Classic 5Evolution
Blackjack VIP B
Blackjack VIP BEvolution
Blackjack A
Blackjack AEvolution
Blackjack VIP C
Blackjack VIP CEvolution
Blackjack B
Blackjack BEvolution
Blackjack VIP D
Blackjack VIP DEvolution
Auto-Roulette VIP
Auto-Roulette VIPEvolution
Blackjack C
Blackjack CEvolution
Free Bet Blackjack
Free Bet BlackjackEvolution
Mega Ball
Mega BallEvolution
First Person Mega Ball
First Person Mega BallEvolution
Salon Privé Baccarat 2
Salon Privé Baccarat 2Evolution
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Welcome to Spin Samurai Australian Live Casino

Live Casino is no less than a traditional land-based casino as you get the experience of live gambling with live dealers and your competitors. Rather, live casinos add different graphics and themes, which attract people through enticing visuals. If you need big wins, the best games, and real money, then Spin Samurai is the most elite Australian casino. We are the perfect place, where you won't regret spending a single Australian dollar. Spin Samurai is a platform where you can place big bets without worrying, as it is the most reliable platform and has the best dealers

Range of Live Casino Games From Best Australian providers

If you don't know how a live casino works, then we must tell you that it is operated and streamed from a studio in real-time in front of the players. In a live casino, a table is placed where the best games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat are operated by a professional and experienced live dealer. Spin Samurai is an online casino that offers table and live Australian dealer games with some live casino deposits. It is advisable to place minimum bets at the initial stage to increase your real money earnings. The live casino rules are quite simple and similar to land-based casinos.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is the best casino experience for any gambler. Live roulette is different from classic casino games of roulette as, in live roulette, there are live dealers and live games providers with whom you can interact, whereas the traditional roulette game was dependent on computerized dealers and the result was generated on the basis of a random number generator (RNG). To earn real money in a live casino, you need to register yourself at a prestigious Australian online casino such as Spin Samurai. Before getting into roulette and making your first deposit, you must know how to place bets so that you do not lose money. Remember, roulette wheels have 1 to 38 numbers from which you have to select and place a bet on the best where you think the ball will stop. 

  • Roulette types
  1. Lightning Roulette
  2. French Roulette
  3. Immersive Roulette
  4. Speed Roulette

For the best wins, you need to have a proper and deep understanding and knowledge of the game.

Live Poker

Poker is one of the leading classic casino games for comparing cards and is quite popular among Australian online casino players looking for live casinos. The gambling industry is huge and earning real money from it is not a scam if you are strategic and careful while making a deposit

  • Poker types
  1. Omaha
  2. 7-Card Stud
  3. Texas hold'em
  4. 5 Card Draw
  5. Follow the queen
  6. High low split
  • How to win poker?

There are several ways to win live poker. For this, you need to have a consistent strategy and don't get involved in bluffing or playing hands without limits.

Spin Samurai comprises excellent team members who will help you at every stage.

Live Baccarat

This is one of the classic casino games where the objective is the same. In live baccarat, usually, 8 decks of 52 cards are used where the player's motive is to beat the dealer with a hand value close to 9. The easiest baccarat strategy is flat betting where you place a bet on either of the ones, i.e. the player or the banker (dealer), stick to one of them, and take into account whatever result appears in the live casino. Spin Samurai, the best Australian casino, helps you earn a large amount of real money in baccarat.

Live Blackjack

This is a live casino game to experience live gambling. You need to avoid going 'bust' in blackjack, which means to avoid going over 21. Live blackjack comprises different real dealers games such as:

  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Power Blackjack
  • Blackjack party
  • VIP Blackjack

Spin Samurai is among the best providers and the real cash deposits and withdrawals facility of the online casino is seamless and painless. The card values of the live blackjack, classic casino game areas are:

  • 2 to 9 - Contains face value
  • 10, jack, queen, or king - Contains value 10
  • Ace - Contains either 1 or 11.

Other live casino games

Apart from the above-mentioned live casino games, Spin Samurai, an Australian casino offering real money provides more live casino games, which are :

  • Dragon Tiger: This is another card game with fast action and no wildcards or Joker. It is a player with card decks ranging from 6 to 8.
  • Craps: This is a game of dice where you need to place a bet on the predictions of the results of the game.
  • Sic bo: This online casino game is also known as hi-lo and is played with three dice where the game of chances is unequal.
  • Lightning dice: Here, the live dealers throw 3 dice into the lightning tower and you need to correctly predict the sum of 3 dice for big wins.


Spin Samurai is the most loved platform among gamblers as it provides huge bonuses and promotions, and a variety of games, such as slots, live dealer games, and other classic casino games. Also, Spin Samurai accept every payment method, even cryptocurrencies.